What do our music classes involve?


Our music classes focus on a particular concept each week, such as ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘loud’ and ‘notes and rests’.

In our toddler classes, the children will be:

  • Singing (the voice after all is a pretty great instrument)
  • Moving
  • Playing percussion instruments (different week to week – shakers, drums, castanets, boomwhackers and more!)
  • Storytelling (using books, puppets, and lots of imagination)
  • Practising fine motor skills
  • Practising social skills
  • Learning language and numeracy skills (counting and educational songs)
  • Interacting with classical music
  • Developing ‘audiation’ (the ability to mentally ‘hear’ and produce music without external music being there)
  • Exploring self-expression
  • Having lots and lots of fun!

Our baby classes are developmentally appropriate and are specially designed to support early milestones such as eye tracking, and object permanency in addition to the above list. 

Class members will also gain access to “Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard”: a members-only area with resources for parents and carers such as song and activity sheets, song recordings and more.

Our babies classes run for 30 minutes and are suitable from birth until 2 years. Pregnant women are also welcome to attend. Our toddler classes run for 45 minutes. They are written mainly for 2-3 year olds, however, both older and younger children will still be able to participate and enjoy the classes. We will be expanding to preschool classes in the future, so contact us if you would like to be kept up to date as these classes become available. Book your FREE trial lesson now!

PLEASE NOTE: These classes require active adult participation. While we recognise all parents need a break now and then, your child will need your help to get the most out of our classes. And you will have fun too!

Please refer to our timetable for available class times. Classes are held at the Springwood Red Cross Hall on Mondays and at the St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church, Blaxland on Tuesdays.

If there is an older or younger sibling who would like to participate too then there is a discounted rate available. If they’re happy to sit on the sidelines then they’re welcome to come and watch for free.


Do you need more inspiration? Here is a great TED talk on the benefits of exposing kids to more music education:

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