10/04/18 End of term musings

So, the end of this term has come, and it’s been a lot of fun! I really enjoyed meeting a lot of new faces and welcoming some old friends.

Planning has begun for next term, with possibly a new day and venue – so stay tuned!

Some reflections from the term:

1) The affect of music classes on little people is amazing. I have watched so many students grow in confidence and ability, and I love it. It makes me so happy and feel so fortunate to be able to witness it!

2) All children should get the chance to participate in music education. The benefits are so well known and numerous!

3) Many children don’t get to participate in music (or other activities) as paying for classes is expensive, particularly when you have more than one child. Often it becomes a choice between swimming, dancing, gymnastics etc.

4) This makes me sad as every teacher knows how important music education is – at least a quarter of my students has a parent who is a teacher!

5) My mission is to find a way to make my course as financially accessible as possible, and I am looking at different ways to make that happen.

And on a less serious note –

6) Songs with silly actions in class result in the big people participating while the little ones just laugh at us!

Thanks for a great term and I look forward to seeing you after the break with a new bunch of songs to enjoy.

Take care,

Bec x

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