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Hello, my name is Bec. I am a Blue Mountains mum of 2 little monkeys boys, a performer, and a long term Play School wanna-be.

Little Bo Beats began when I went looking for a music class to take my little guys (then 1 and 3) to. The problem was, the available classes either had great educational value BUT were beyond what we could afford, or, playgroup-based classes which were lots of fun but weren’t structured around teaching music.

So, at the start of 2017 I began researching what programs were around that I could look into running locally. It was at this point that I consulted my friend and colleague (nameless for her online privacy) who is an experienced composer and music educator. After discussing the pros and cons of the available franchises she pointed out that many franchise courses were either a) written internationally and had little Australian content and/or b) had custom written music which was often quite grating, and required parents to pay for additional resources to have the music at home.

At this point we decided that the best way forward was to collaborate and create our own program, using open domain nursery rhymes, classical music and folk tunes. The theory being this makes our music easily available to our students, pleasant to listen to (some have already lasted hundreds of years after all!), and most importantly, laying a firm foundation for further musical education down the track.

My vision for Little Bo Beats is to make participation in music education so accessible that it becomes as common as taking your kids to swimming lessons. I am hoping to secure funding or a sponsor to enable me to provide subsidised or even scholarship rates, but in the meantime, I am keeping my costs as low as possible. As a parent, it is hard to have to choose between multiple activities knowing you can only afford one (if you are that lucky), my long term goal is that one day music education will be beyond financial considerations. The benefits are just so well demonstrated!

This is my dream job, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to share my passion! 

Bec x

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