Where are your classes? When are your classes?

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How much are your classes?

Rock-a-bye Rhythms classes (30 minutes, birth to 2 years):

  • 1 child: $110 per 9 week term ($82.50 concession)
  • 2 or more siblings: $165 per 9 week term ($123.75 concession)

Little Lamb classes (45 minutes, 2 years to preschool aged):

  • 1 child: $130 per 9 week term ($97.50 concession)
  • 2 or more siblings: $195 per 9 week term ($146.25 concession)

*Where one sibling is older than 1 year and the other is a baby (less than 1 year), the baby may come along for free!*

What do you do in the classes?

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Do I stay with my child?

Yes! These classes actively encourage adult participation. I am not able to accept children without an accompanying big person.

My little one is around 2 years old, which class do you recommend?

There is no absolute answer to this question! The Little Lamb class often requires more input from the children (such as suggesting actions, answering questions etc.), and so the children need a little bit more focus, as well as endurance as the class is longer. The Rock-a-bye Rhythm classes are more baby focused, but also are designed to be developmentally appropriate until the age of 2!

Both classes are lots of fun, and both classes can be adjusted for both older and younger children as required. So go with your judgement of your child’s capabilities, and we can figure it out as we go!

What should I expect?

Lots. Of. Fun! For more useful information feel free to read my information hand-outs below:

Rock-a-bye Rhythms student information

Little Lambs student information


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via Messenger, on my socials @littlebobeats, on my contact form or by phone – 0401 351 447.

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